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YAV90074 48-Channel SPDT relays Low Crosstalk


• 48-Bipolar relays 250VAC 2A
• CAN bus control
• High density integration: Only 15 mm width
• LabVIEW drivers available

The YAV90074 module contents 48 SPDT Relays independent.

Each relays PCB contact track is shielded individually in order to handle very low voltage signals and audio signals with extremely low crosstalk. The build-in power supply includes two extra filters to reduce the DC voltage ripple to the relay coils; the control tracks have been drawn in quadrature with signal ones, reducing the inductive coupling produced by the transient current.

The ITA side connector allows free scanner, matrix or independent relays configurations, with an acceptable dielectric breakdown voltage of 1 kV.

Ideal for low voltage applications.

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