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YAV90084 10Ch Electronic Potentiometer 8 bit

YAV90084 10Ch Electronic Potentiometer 8 bit

10x Electronic Potentiometer 8-bit resolution -256 steps-
10x Current source 0(4)..20mA
10x Analog Output (Buffer for voltage or frequency)

The YAV90084 can work autonomously as a 10Ch electronic potentiometer of 8 bit resolution. By default, it features 10kOhm resistors), but other resistor values can be assembled under request.

The module features direct connection from two National Instruments cards, the NI PXI-6723 and the NI PXI-6345, to the mass interface module (Virginia Panel), meanin...



YAV90084A Configurable Reostat or Potentiometer Module

•4x 8-Bit 1KOhm reostat
•4x 8-Bit 40 Ohm reostat
•2x 8-Bit 5 MOhm reostat
•10x Electronic Potentiometer 8-bit resolution -256 steps- with build-in selft test.
•10x Voltage to current source 0(4)..20mA
•10x Analog Outputs (Buffer for voltage or frequency)
•36-Ch Test Point voltage divider
•2xCAN Bus Channels Terminators tester
•Expandable with NI PXI-6723 and PXI-6345.

Configurable as :

2x 24 Bit 0...5MOhm Potentiometer
2x 8 Bit 10 KOhm Reostat

4x 16 Bit 0...10 KOhm Potentiometer
2x 8 Bit 0...5 MOhm Reostat

Strain gauge bridge simulator

Pt 100 simulator

Pt 1000 simulator



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