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Fuentes de alimentación (programables) & AC Soft Start


3-Isolated Software Programmable Voltage regulators
Up to 24VDC 6A per channel
Soft Start AC Voltage
Input/Fixture Protection
CAN bus control
Form E

The YAV90070 FastATE power module is an innovative solution to bring a regulated and programmable power supply from inside the test system to immediately behind the test system interface.

The YAV90070 has a VPC MIC connector mounted on the front of the board enabling it to be placed directly inside the VPC 90 series MIC interface. This approach saves a lot of rack space needed for normal 19” programmable power supplies where now we can use a simples, lower cost fixed power supply, to feed our YAV90070 power module. This enables programmable power supplies to be integrated in compact base test solutions like the FastATE 6TL-08 compact test platform.

The FastATE YAV90070 contains the three most common and wanted subsystems in general purpose automatic test systems:

1. Conditioned AC input with relay control for a “soft start” of the Unit Under Test (UUT), detecting a short circuit in the UUT before it and/or the spring loaded probes gets damaged.

2. An triple DC isolated programmable power supplies, providing the typical most commonly used power for a UUT.

a. To power Logic circuits with voltages ranging from 1.5 to 6V with a maximum current off 6 Amp, controlled by an optical isolated microcontroller.

b. Two isolated programmable outputs ranging from 5 to 20V, 6A that can be connected in series to reach voltages from + 5VDC to + 40VDC , or in parallel maintaining the symmetry of the two outputs and the currents are added up to reach a maximum of 12A independent of the programmed voltage. Configuring one or the other can be done easily from inside the fixture by simply placing jumpers in the Interchangeable Test Adapter (ITA) connector module.

3. A direct connection from the ITA to two passive or active loads that might be installed inside the test system.


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