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• Fully open general application JTAG I/O Interface
• Board integration into the platform, therefore can be used for multiple fixtures
• Up to 128 tristate DIOs, 1V8/2V5/3V3 (5V tolerant), 8x 8bits AIs, 8x 8bits AOs and 2 RS232/UART ports (Set of two boards)
• Built-in USB 2.0 to JTAG interface
• Configurable JTAG chain till 40Mhz
• Connector input compatible with XJAG USB-JTAG Interface
• Automatic interface selection according to the fixture
• Working voltage automatic selection for each block of 16 DIOs
• Commercial software or self made (BSDL language)
• Professional mass connection Virginia Panel Quadra paddle
• “Black box” testing for non JTAG boards
• High quality standard fixture interface VPC connector
• Fully expandable
• Boundary Scan I/O as a shared resource of your ATE

YAV9JTAG modules supported by JTAG Technologies

Boundary-scan is a widely practiced test methodology that is reducing costs, speeding development, and improving product quality for electronics manufacturers around the world. By relying on an industry standard, IEEE 1149.1, it is relatively quick, easy, and inexpensive to deploy a highly effective test procedure. In addition, today’s PCBs have little alternative because of limited ac...



YAV9JTAH 80 DIOs, 8AIs, 8AOs JTAG BSRU Expansion

- 80 DIOs
- 8 AIs
- 8 AOs
- Compatible with all JTAG suppliers

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