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Universal Cable Tester Based on YAV technology


- Harness test and Harness manufacture sequence stepper
- Build-in PC and TFT
- Test voltage up to 3KV
- Up to 552 test points
- High Quality Mass Interconnect receiver (> 20.000 Mates) (6 slots)
- Prepared for ergonomic labels printing
- User-friendly, menu driven software.
- No programming experience needed
- Applicable to any cable lengths, configurations and shielding
- No calibration processes required
- Performs self-learning of good wired assembly samples
- Selection of voltage, current or resistance configured for one or a group of chains.

The Universal Cable tester AL198 is the essential tool for production, quality control and maintenance for rapid detection of failures or errors in cables with connectors on one or both ends. It can also be a tool to help identifying leads in the production of harnesses.
The AL198 cable tester allows for testing at low voltage (from 3 to 15VDC) or testing at voltages up to 1500 VDC. The configuration depends only on the YAV modules selected, that will be integrated into the S6 receiver.
The cable tester is able to measure individual wire resistance, shorts, opens and diode values of a “golden” cable harness, saving the results as a reference. The stored golden data is then used to be compared against the test results of an identical cable harness.
The system includes a robust control panel as interface with the user, with a 10” TFT, as well as EPO function and buttons.
The AL198 tester can be configured to work with fixtures at low voltage or for Hipot, but it is not recommended fixtures mixing both techniques, since low voltage cards could be damaged by high voltage.
Test Fixtures can be easily configured for all cable test needs. Each test fixture uses VPC S6 ITA frame.

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