fastATE® Technology
What is fastATE?

fastATE is a technology for integrating ATE's based on using intelligent modules (modularity) to come up with the turn-key solution.

Each module is covering a needed function of the ATE, and shares information to the rest of modules thanks to field bus. An ATE using this technology uses minimum wiring in its architecture, since the intelligence is not concentrated into a unique controller that must receive all I/O, but on each of the modules.

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From now on, your ATEs will be integrated up to 70% faster in a more efficient and modular way.

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Why fastATE®?
Keep it simple

Today’s test engineers need to focus on product testability and test processes; they are managing several projects in parallel, most likely on a tight schedule. But above all, to determine the best ATE architecture, they must consider its hidden maintenance costs, the true modularity of the system, and its long-term maintainablity.

With 6TL's fastATE® technology, test engineers do not have to address the recurrent tasks of every project since a 6TL module already completes most of these tasks for them. This module is a high-level block that covers one needed recurrent function of the ATE.

Test engineers used to manage the instrumentation, will now manage the parts to build up the ATE in the same way. All the knowledge about automation, securities and standards, is already fulfilled by a 6TL module.


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Let's extend the modularity
to all the ATE

The biggest advantage of Modularity in PXI systems is that you are using a hardware architecture that can scale with your changing testing needs. This makes it easy to configure a measurement system that is flexible and future proof. This modular approach has proven itself to be very successful over the years.

So why not use the same approach in selecting and building your full ATE?

fastATE technology is about using intelligent building blocks to create your ATE similar to how you build and configure your PXI measurement rack.

Integrate your ATE system by building it like LEGO®
by using fastATE® technology

ATEs based on 6TL's fastATE® technology are built by stacking high-level modules into a test rack or into the rack mass interconnect interface, which minimizes installation time. Each module covers a recurrent function of ATE design.

The system controller manages the modules through the CAN bus; therefore, the only wiring inside a 6TL ATE is the CAN bus connection (4-pole cable), which links all the distributed high-level modules. This drastically shortens integration and documentation time.

Learn about fastATE with an example
The Pneumatic subsystem: YAV90PNE

In most ATE's, the engineer will face the need to fixture the UUT, or just push a button of the UUT as part of a test step. Typically, pneumatic actuation will be preferred, which will mean designing a pneumatic cabinet. Each engineer will typically design this cabinet in a different way, and using different bare materials (some air tubing, air filter and manual valves, a bank of electrovalves, cable ducts,...). In addition, the location of the cabinet will vary on each ATE.
To control the valves, spare I/O in the PLC or ATE controller will be needed, and code will have to be implemented!. This is a lot of work, and this is repeatable work, meaning that for every ATE designed, the same kind of solution must be thought.

The above is non-recurrent engineering, or an engineering task that is repeated on almost every project, and is typically solved in a different way every time.

To stop wasting time, a 6TL module that fits in the fastATE technology is designed, in a form of a product, so that from that moment on, every time pneumatics are needed, we will use the same product!. We turned non-recurrent engineering into recurrent engineering, that will be used for every project.

• 10 three-way pneumatic valves to directly control 10 simple or 5 double-effect cylinders
• 12 inputs for position sensors to cover typical pneumatic I/O needs
• Pressure sensor to control the air inlet pressure level
• NI LabVIEW drivers and API for all modules
• Available NI TestStand custom step types
• Test system resources monitoring with Phi6 software.

fastATE®'s Benefit
for test engineers & test managers

Thanks to this approach, test engineers and ATE integrators can:
• Design their ATEs with a proven architecture perfected by feedback from multiple customers in a variety of industries
• Significantly reduce engineering costs
• Provide simple yet highly powerful and scalable systems that can meet present and future needs
• Standardize the ATE while maintaining enough flexibility for addressing nonstandard needs
• Create their test bench documentation almost instantly
• Achieve shorter time to market due to the maximum reuse of COTS components

Read the NI Solution datasheet about the FastATE Technology (Released Jult 2013)

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