Design and Replicate your test platform with 6TL

6TL will design, build, and replicate your high-quality test platforms thanks to the in-house knowhow of our mass production subsidiary. From a single test platform, to several systems, we will guarantee system repeatability so that our customers can adapt their operations with confidence. This manufacturing power is needed to meet the customer’s demands, as well as maintain the internal systems required to manage the supply chain. 6TL is the only company that can provide you the ATE expertise and the manufacturing capability to provide this service.

You send us your Test Specification, BOM, device requirements, etc., and we will provide you with a final system configuration, including the best wiring strategy, the best power supplies available to fit your need, the right modules to test your PCB’s and we will handle the system power and temperature requirements as well.

Finally we can deliver your system anywhere around the globe with the confidence that all your systems will meet your requirements and show the repeatability you desire.

Start now: Engage our engineers thanks to our Web based, Project Management tool to help us understand very clearly your requirements, and define your Test Platform Integration.

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Requirements Gathering

Set up a Project, engage with our engineers, define very clearly your requirements, and let us propose you the best integration for your tester.

6TL engineers will offer you the best practices for your integration thanks to their test expertise.

Our design team is specialized in simplification processes, based on a multidisciplinary best knowledge to always select the most convenient and effective technical solution.

Documentation Package
The value of a system is proportional to its documentation level

Test systems are a very important step in the production process. Its reliability and ease of maintenance will affect the productivity and reliability of all the production plant.

Besides the quality of the integrated devices, precise and up to date documentation of each test system will be essential to guarantee its availability.

6TL creates a document called PIW (Platform Integration Wiring) that defines the integration of the test platform..

The position of each instrument in the test rack, as well as every wire from the instrument to the platform receiver, will be perfectly defined, so that test engineers as well as maintenance people will have the tools to do his job also off-the-shelf.

A key point is the wiring

When talking FCT platforms & fixtures, repeatability (possibility to have diverse systems giving same results), depends basically on the wiring. In the system, thanks to the fixturing, each cable is permanently connected to the DUT and is part of a bunch of cables, creating crosstalk and effects derived from the inductive and capacitive coupling. The more cables together, the more difficult it will be to obtain the same results in two different test systems.

6TL solves this problem based on the following premises:

- Selection of the type of cables depending on the type of signal.
- Calibration of all coaxial cables.
- Minimize the number of cables in the test platform, thanks to using the YAV modules.

With the YAV technology, thanks to which the switching can be placed directly into the receiver, among other advantages, the copy of test systems, not only in the look but also in the behaviour, is a more feasible task.

Bill Of Materials Definition
The ADN of your tester

Within the 6TL process there are not 'non-identified' components in the ERP system. It means that we always prefer using devices or components with which we already have some experience. In the case we need to use a one-off component, it will also be assigned a P/N into the ERP system to become later part of a BOM (Bill Of Materials). This process guarantees long term system traceability and repetition.

Once the base test platform is selected and the PIW is ready, the BOM can be implemented.

The BOM introduced in the company ERP is the ADN of the integration.

Once the BOM is frozen, it can be used to launch a production, and all the activities related to manufacturing the test platform will be automatically launched too.

In-house flexibility

6TL features a fully equipped production facility with cutting-edge production processes.
From any electronics sub-assembly to complex cable harnesses, as well as software downloading, we control and execute the whole manufacturing process.
On the other hand, depending on the customer needs, we are flexible enough to optimize the materials and labour resources, which is interesting when our customer is ramping-up.


Procurement of all the parts involved in a complex test system, is a critical task that can risk the delivery time.

With more than 30 years in the market supplying equipment for the test market, our Quality department together with our procurement team, are able to keep a world class supply chain control, relying only to the most valuable suppliers.

Highly Skilled but Competitive Labour
Cost effective Resources

For a correct prescription of a test system, it is required to have multidisciplinary knowledge, not only in electronics, but also in other fields.

In addition to the software and hardware engineers, we have specialists in physics, precision mechanics, pneumatics, optics, fluids, heat transfer and drive technology; our vision is then wider and we are more prepared to select the best solution for our customers.

The ratio skill-set/cost of our technicians and engineers is very good, making it very attractive option for those who need cost effective European quality.

Inherent in our team

6TL has quality certification (ISO 9001) for its processes, as well as ESD controlled production areas and Quality managers, but this is far from our goal. We constantly work on making each employee feel as its own quality supervisor.

Detailed Check lists and Final Quality Inspection processes are part of each delivery.

Packagind and Shipping worldwide
Global delivery for a Global market

The test platforms produced will need to move to the manufacturing sites worldwide, it can be either Asia, America, Europe or Australia.

Thanks to a powerful Logistics department providing its services to all the companies at SistelGroup, 6TL can benefit of expertise in areas like:
- Packaging
- International Shipping
- Customs brokerage

Warranty, Warranty Extensions and Spare Parts

6TL warranty period for system integrations is 1 year.
Warranty extensions can be negotiated.
6TL keeps stock of all the 6TL parts of a tester.

Worldwide Support
6TL close to your Production

6TL has a network of companies able to support the test platforms delivered.

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