The negative side effect of Mass Interconnect Interface
and its solution

Next to the many advantages of implementing a Mass Interconnect Interface in ATE systems there is one major disadvantage. You have to implement additional cabling between your measurement instrumentation and the Mass Interconnect Interface. Cabling and standard connectors are an unwanted side effect and do not contribute to making your test system Reliable, Flexible and Scalable. Cabling makes your system more complex and adds risks like crosstalk, interference, added capacitance and resistance between your instruments and the UUT (Unit Under Test) and Therefore it is important to minimize cabling as much as possible in each test system.

Within 6TL’s FastATE concept we have developed a solution for the above mentioned, unwanted cabling issues. We have developed a large series of intelligent independent modular building blocks, called YAVModules, that can be mounted directly inside the Mass Interconnect Interface, eliminating the need for cabling between your instrument and Mass Interconnect Interface. Next to that all the 6TL YAVModules are designed and built for test, while other instrumentation is often designed for use in many other fields of test and measurement other than test only, like in a laboratory, in engineering, development, monitoring etc. Due to the more robust design and more focused specifications for use in production test environments, the 6TL YAVModules are greatly improving the overall measurement quality and test system reliability.

The 6TL YAVModules typically are designed to replace cable intensive instrumentation, like analog and digital I/O, general switching, and switch Matrixes. But next to that 6TL also developed special YAVModules for Pneumatic switching, LED color and intensity measurements, JTAG Boundary Scan I/O and interfacing, relay barriers and multiplexing for ISP (In System Programming) and opto-coupling solutions, all dedicated to test and to move as many functions back into the test system so you only have to invest only once in these features and have them always available for each project you want to test. Eliminating as much as possible the need to purchase or design your own opto-coupling solutions, programmers, led detection and pneumatics, for every new project, saving again cost in the long term.

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