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Módulo distribuido para alimentaciones Conmutado, CAN


• Controlled start up of test systems
• 70 A maximum total current to distribute (Power IN/OUT Connectors)
• Different socket types (Standards depending on country area)
• Standard 19” rack 2UA
• 8 or 4 sockets (depending on plug type), 240Vac
• Power up cable included (for connection from MMI)

The intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU) H7300.08xx has two main functions:
• Distributing the power to each device in a system
• Switching on the devices sequentially, in order to minimize the inrush current from the switched power supplies, that might affect the contactors.

The PDU has electrical monitoring of the load status in order to ease troubleshooting and maintenance tasks:
• There are two light indicators per socket, to inform the user about:
o Whether the plugged devices main switch is turned ON. This is helping to identify plugged devices with their main switch OFF, that therefore cannot be controlled by the PDU
o Whether the power for the socket is ON. Therefore, (P ON) indicates that the PDU is giving power to the device.

All the relays are CAN bus controlled.

The unit has an extra power terminal block in order to extend to other units (connect more PDUs).

• 8 sockets Tipe F 16A 240VAC CAN bus controlled switches; P/N: H730008FS
• 8 sockets Tipe B 15A 120VAC CAN bus controlled switches; P/N: H7300 08BS
• 4 sockets Tipe G 13A 240VAC (BRITISH) CAN bus controlled switches; P/N H7300 08GS
• 8 sockets Tipe K 10A 230VAC (DANISH) CAN bus controlled switches; P/N: H7300 08KS

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