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CAN Bus ºC, %RH & hPa Transmitter


• Atmospheric Pressure
• Relative Humidity Accuracy + 2%
• Temperature Accuracy + 0.2ºC
• CAN Bus Interface at 50 kbps
• Low cost RJ45 Connector
• Addresses up to 16 units
• LabVIEW drivers available

In Automatic test systems (ATE’s) a change of temperature or humidity will influence the stability of your measurements in case your test equipment is not located in a very tightly controlled and air conditioned area. To cope with these variable situations you need to monitor closely all variables in real time to be able to compensate for changes in the temperature, pressure or Humidity.

This is exactly what the 6TL Multi sensor offers. The 6TL AK087 multi sensor offers you the following measurements, from a very compact and easy to integrate housing. The CANBus makes it easy to integrate in 6TL’s fastATE concept.

The included Labview and Teststand drivers make it very easy to integrate these measurements and results into your TestStand test sequence or LabView test program. It provides you with the following information instantly.

The transmitter is used to log the environment conditions during the test runs in the ATE. Transmission of data is done through CAN bus. Its physical shape and low dimensions allow an easy mounting and accurate sensor positioning. The electrical connection is via an 8 wire RJ45 connector, where power supply (2-wire), and CAN are included.

If external address is not used, the device keeps the original common address.
A multicolour LED shows the power supply and the CAN Bus transmitting conditions.

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