SmartFixtures from 6TL Engineering
a Low Cost Functional test.

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6TL Engineering is introducing a revolutionary new product for everyone who is under the impression that Functional test, Burn-in testing or programming of PCB's, units or systems is too complex or expensive.

6TL Engineering is already more then 20 years, very successful in Europe with true modular, flexible and above all, very reliable functional base test platforms. With the 6TLEngineering modules, it is possible to build very efficient base test solutions that will fit everyone's budget and testing needs.

In cooperation with local or in-house fixture houses and software developers, our solutions form the ideal base for any tester, either the simplest or the extremely complex one.

Due to the experience and developed knowledge, using a number of our own standard modules, 6TL Engineering developed the YAVPacks. With a YAVPack, everybody who is familiar with using a DVM, can now create a reliable and fully automated functional test system for PCB's, called a SmartFixture.

Verification test after production, are now very easy to set-up using the YAVPacks from 6TL
Ideal Solution for EMS companies and developers who need to set-up fast, reliable and cost effective functional test solutions

You probably recognize the situation, as the responsible test engineer or test manager you need to set-up a functional test for a customer or internal department because the PCB that has been developed needs to be tested before it is shipped out. But it should not cost too much and must be realized in, if possible, one to two weeks maximum.

Very often, the job to be done is, in such occasions, measuring resistors, current, voltages, frequencies, temperatures, capacitors, diodes, inductors, etc. It might be even also needed to program a chip on the board and switch some power supplies or loads on and off during the test sequence.

The problem very often is that, to realize all this, you need to buy instrumentation, switching, interfacing or even build an entire test rack, develop a test fixture and use costly software or engineers to develop the test software to control all this.

Before you have tested even one board you have invested already a lot of money. The budget, very often, does not allow these investments!

Specially for these instances, 6TL Engineering has developed their so called SmartFixture. This SmartFixture is a reliable stand-alone solution with all above mentioned functionality for a price you never expected.

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The intelligence of every SmartFixture

To build up a SmartFixture, able to measure and test, we need to upgrade a linear mechanical, cassette based fixture with a YAVPackBundle (YPB). This complete pack consists in the basis of a switch matrix and a MMU (Multi Measurement Unit) who has a processor on board that can hold and execute up to 100 test steps and has a powerful 4 ¾ digit true RMS, auto range DVM with a 16 channel scanner on board.

This basic up to 500V scanner can easily be enhanced with a matrix with up to 128 additional channels, depending on the YPB you choose. There are four different YPB available, all them including the MMU, but each one with its own specific additional features:
- There's the basic kit, with only the MMU and the power switch module, YAV90CIN, the YAVPACK00
- There are other switching modules from 6TL that can be used with the YAVPack technology, like the YAV904X8 and the YAV90128

The YPBs are predefined to meet your needs in Functional production test.


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Programming the YPB via MS Excel
The Master Script Edition Software (MSES)

The test software for each MMU, YAVPack or SmartFixture can be developed using NI Labview, using the Labview drivers (available for free in our website).

The test sequence can than be created in NI Teststand and run on any PC or other controller. This offers endless possibilities for using the MMU, YAVPack or Smartfixture in any test environment. Through our CanBus instruction set it is also possible to use any other programming language that you are familiar with.

The disadvantage of the above software packages is that you need to purchase costly licenses and maintain the level of expertise of your programmers by giving them a yearly update and training on the software to ensure the latest innovations are known. For smaller EMS or other companies this is often the main reason not to offer Functional test.

For these companies and other that do not need all these software features, 6TL Engineering developed a low cost and much easier way to program the MMU, YavPack or Smartfixtures: 6TL has developed MSES. This is a script running in MS-Excel that can be used to implement a maximum of 100 program steps to automate your test sequence. This test sequence can then, via a direct LAN connection with your PC, via a Local Area Network or even through Internet, be uploaded into the MMU, YAVPack or SmartFixture. If the PC remains connected you can read back the results and measured values into Excel so you can create your own statistics or graphs and store and print them for quality analysis.
YAV90MMU, heard of every YPB

- 4 3/4 digit True RMS AutoRanging
- Up to 440 VAC, VDC
- Ohms, Pt100 (temperature), mA AC, mA DC, Capacitors, Diodes, Frequency (Up to 400 MHz) and Duty Cycle (Up to 1MHz)
- Peak hold function, X10 function
- Scanner x16 measurement channels.
- 1000V isolation between measurement channels
- Two isolated Pulse Generator Channels with External Trigger In and Trigger Out with SMB connectors
- Auto zeroing and Self calibration system
- Optional Calibration Kit (6TL P/N YAVMMUCK), soft and hardware available.
- Control via CAN bus or Ethernet (LXI).
- 8 Programmable digital outputs (PNP 24VDC 300 mA)
- Up to 20 readings per second
- Extreme reliable, High quality Mass Interconnect module (> 20.000 cycles) (VPC 90 Series Compatible)
- Editable build-in test steps sequence controller (capacity up to 100 programming steps).
- Labview Driver for easy integration in existing test environments
- Test sequence easily programmable through Excel using 6TL MSES Software (6TL P/N H68002500)
- Optional chip programming support is available.

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YAVPack plus a Fixture Kit
equals to a SmartFixture

Every 6TL Smartfixture is based on the following Fixture Kits:
- H7200671S (Max PCB Size 250mmx300mm)
- H7200672S (Max PCB Size 250mmx580mm)
or any other suitable mechanical or vacuum test fixture kit.

The 6TL Engineering YAVPacks turn these Fixture kits into a Smartfixture.

6TL supplies the YAVPack kits complete with MMI Man machine Interface and if you buy the 6TL SmartFixture Kit, you can start immediately as this is already prepared to build in the YAVPack and MMI.

For each project you only need to add one of the available Cassette kits matching your YAVPack model that is build into your SmartFixture and you are ready to start developing your test sequence.

H7200671S, SmartFixture Kit from 6TL

Cassette Kit for 6TL SmartFixture

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